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Read All About It! Literacy Lava 8 is Out!

March 1, 2011

Read all about it!  The eighth edition of Literacy Lava, brought to you by Susan Stephenson (otherwise known as The Book Chook), is out!   As always,  it’s erupting with tips for parents and teachers, suggesting ideas for incorporating literacy and learning into our every day.

In this eighth edition, you’ll find suggestions for developing plot in Writing Tips for Kids, storytelling as a way to bring literacy front and centre in kids’ lives, how to get kids reading, how different aged siblings share read-aloud time, great tips for a toddler book club, ideas for encouraging creative thinking in children, and how to help kids collect words. As usual, there are nine great free online resources Susan recommends for reading writing and creating, and the Activity page for kids is a pencil and paper game called Categories.

Literacy Lava 8 is available as a free download in pdf format at Susan’s website. You’ll also find The Book Chook Cookbook, Literacy in the Playground and an archive of Literacy Lava 1-7.  Check it out!!

Lit Lava 7, Out Now!

December 1, 2010

The latest edition of Literacy Lava is now available at  The Book Chook. It’s exploding with great articles, yet again, including a new column on writing for children, by Aussie author, Dee White.

Inside you’ll find ideas for helping kids create characters in their own writing; suggestions for word game fun; secrets about getting dads reading; all about board books for young children; lots of ideas for getting the most from a trip to the art gallery with children; a celebration of the magic of children’s literacy; and ideas to inspire budding writers. And this time, the Activity page for kids was designed by author, illustrator and scientist, Andrea Hazard. Wow!

I hope you enjoy this seventh edition of Literacy Lava. Please help spread the word about the importance of children’s literacy and learning by tweeting and telling others about this post.

Literacy Lava 6 is Here!

September 1, 2010

The sixth issue of Literacy Lava, a digital magazine (in pdf format) is available for you to read, download and use, share with others, or print and keep.

As usual, Literacy Lava is erupting with great tips for parents, and suggestions for literacy activities to share with kids.

If you enjoy discovering new ways to incorporate reading, writing and creating into everyday life…

If you think you’d like a little lava to read with your java…

If the price tag FREE appeals to you…

Click on the link below and download the latest edition!

Literacy Lava 5 is Here!

June 1, 2010

The fifth issue of Literacy Lava, a free pdf for parents or anyone who wants kids to love reading, writing and communicating, is now available from Susan Stephenson’s website.
In this fifth edition of Literacy Lava, you’ll find ideas for helping kids develop spelling skills, ways to pair fiction and non-fiction read-alouds, ideas for letter writing with your kids, whether graphic novels are real reading, how to unwrap a picture book, tips for a loving bed-time story ritual, how to help your video-loving kid to love reading too, and all about encouraging kids to write poetry. Don’t forget to check out the Online Extras page, and the Activity page for kids.

Literacy Lava 4 is here!

March 1, 2010

I am so excited to share this fabulous FREE pdf  for parents and educators! Literacy Lava 4 is now available on Susan Stephenson’s website.  Susan is the author of The Book Chook and editor of Literacy Lava!

In this fourth edition of Literacy Lava, you’ll find ideas for nurturing creative thinking, ways to use magazines with your kids, ideas for raising book-loving boys, what to do if your child is not into writing, how to encourage your child to love reading, ways to promote inquisitiveness through hands-on learning, how to help kids make connections through story extensions, and all about getting kids to tell stories through movie-making. Don’t forget to check out the Online Extras page, and the Activity page for kids.

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Lit Lava 3 Coming Soon!

November 24, 2009

The third edition of Literacy Lava will be published on December 1. Inside you’ll find oodles of ideas for promoting literacy through inexpensive activities you can do with your kids.

Find out what your local library has to offer, read ideas on making books with kids, sneak some learning into shopping, discover games that build literacy skills, develop imagination while playing Grocery Store, make writing part of your family’s life, read why picture books are so good for kids, and find out how literacy helped one child fight night terrors. Don’t forget to check out the Online Extras page, and the Writing Prompt activity page for kids.

Literacy Lava 3 – get it while it’s HOT!