Read All About It! Literacy Lava 8 is Out!

Read all about it!  The eighth edition of Literacy Lava, brought to you by Susan Stephenson (otherwise known as The Book Chook), is out!   As always,  it’s erupting with tips for parents and teachers, suggesting ideas for incorporating literacy and learning into our every day.

In this eighth edition, you’ll find suggestions for developing plot in Writing Tips for Kids, storytelling as a way to bring literacy front and centre in kids’ lives, how to get kids reading, how different aged siblings share read-aloud time, great tips for a toddler book club, ideas for encouraging creative thinking in children, and how to help kids collect words. As usual, there are nine great free online resources Susan recommends for reading writing and creating, and the Activity page for kids is a pencil and paper game called Categories.

Literacy Lava 8 is available as a free download in pdf format at Susan’s website. You’ll also find The Book Chook Cookbook, Literacy in the Playground and an archive of Literacy Lava 1-7.  Check it out!!


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