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What Would You Miss Most if You Could Not Read or Write? Celebrating World Read Aloud Day

March 9, 2011

Today, literacy takes a global stance, as we celebrate the 2nd annual World Read Aloud Day.  This global literacy event was created by Pam Allyn, renowned literacy consultant and Lit World, the non-profit organization she developed to create transformative literacy experiences worldwide.  Did you know that nearly 1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their name? What would you miss most if you could not read or write? Imagine your world without words and then head over to the Lit World website to see how you can participate.

What would I miss most if I could not read or write?

My life would never be the same!  I would miss reading my email (and writing them!).  I would miss reading the ingredients in the foods I cook or reading a recipe to make a favorite meal.  I would miss writing my to do list for the day.  I would miss reading the road signs on the way to my daughter’s school every morning.  I would miss writing lunch box notes for my kids.  I would miss ordering lunch from my favorite restaurant.  I would miss writing down the funny things my kids say.  I would miss reading my son’s assignments, both the ones he completed and the ones he needs my help with.  I would miss reading the little notes my son leaves for me occasionally.  I would miss staying in touch via text.  I would miss reading a new chapter in my book every night.  But most of all, I would miss reading to my kids every day.  Bonding over a story at the end of a long day is truly the sweetest gift one could receive.

The right to read and write belongs to all people and World Read Aloud Day was created to show the world that.  If you have been tallying the number of minutes you read aloud over the last couple of weeks, don’t forget to head to the Lit World website and add your amount.  I hope you helped Lit World reach their goal of 774 million minutes in honor of the 774 million people worldwide who cannot read or write!

If you choose just one thing to do today, please choose to read aloud to a child in your life.  It only takes a few minutes, but the results last a lifetime!  Share the gift of reading with everyone around you!

Fight for Global Literacy by celebrating World Read Aloud Day today!