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Fun Ways to Encourage Literacy as a Family

November 9, 2010

November is National Family Literacy Month.  This month I will post online and real world resources related to family literacy.

Here are two “real” ways (as in not technology based) you might want to encourage literacy amongst the family in your home:

Label, Label, Label – Labels are known to be a tremendous help to ELL students learning English for the first time, and they are just as helpful to pre-reading toddlers and preschoolers.  I’ve created Household Word Labels to get you started.  Download it, glue the words to index cards and get crazy taping labels on all of the important objects in your home.  I’ve even left a few blank so you can add your own.  Point out the words when you speak to your child about that particular object.  Play games with the labels:  ask your child to find a label that begins with a particular letter or give him a word and ask him to find the label that rhymes with that word.

Supermarket Scavenger Hunt – How many times have you been in the grocery store and your child has a meltdown because he just doesn’t want to be there anymore?  Tame the tantrum by having him help!  Provide your child with his own list and ask him to locate the items needed.  If your child is a pre-reader, provide pictures.  If he is already reading, provide a short written list of items you would like him to find.  For your pre-readers, print out several copies of Supermarket Scavenger Hunt and the picture form.  When you create your list, glue the pictures of several items you need to the Supermarket Scavenger Hunt for your child to find. Or make your own pictures to add to the form.

What ways do you promote literacy as a family? I’d love to hear how other families incorporate literacy into their lives.

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Motivating Readers with Real World Activities

August 19, 2010

This month on Literacy Toolbox, I will share ways parents and educators can motivate children to become readers and writers.  This is especially necessary at the beginning of the school year when teachers are building their classroom communities.

One of my favorite ways to motivate readers is to tie books into the real world.  Think about it.  There are books for just about everything out there.  I love to match books to the activities we do.

This summer we have taken day trips to Monticello, Hershey Park, and The National Building Museum.  After our day trips, my kids usually like to learn more about the places we’ve visited.  That’s a perfect opportunity to find books and read more about what interests them.


The former home of Thomas Jefferson is located in Virginia.  My son has had an interest in Presidents since he began learning about coins in kindergarten.  I figured it was time to take him to see the home of a former President.  Monticello actually offers family friendly tours specific to kids ages 6-11, which I highly recommend.  Even my 4 year old enjoyed the tour.

After the tour, we chose a few books about Monticello and Thomas Jefferson to read:

Thomas Jefferson by Cheryl Harness

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson by David A. Adler

Monticello (All Aboard America) by Sarah Tieck

Hershey Park

My kids have wanted to travel to Hershey Park for a couple of years.  We finally made it this summer!  Our favorite part was the tour through Chocolate World to see how chocolate is made.  Yum!

Afterwards, my son wanted to learn more about Milton Hershey, so we found this book:

Milton Hershey (Lives and Times) by Jennifer Blizen Gillis

The National Building Museum

Our most recent excursion was to The National Building Museum where we had the opportunity to see Lego® Architecture: Towering Ambition, an awesome exhibit of 15 buildings from around the world made up entirely of legos, by Adam Reed Tucker.  Super cool!  Buildings included 2 World Trade Center, The Empire State Building, The Sears Tower (now the Wilcox Tower), Trump Towers in Chicago and more!   We had never been to this museum before and we enjoyed exploring the architecture of the building as well.  This was a hit with my lego loving boy!

Afterwards, we learned more about structures and legos through these books:

Everyday Structures from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman

The LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz

What are some ways you motivate readers in your life?

©2010 by Dawn Little for Literacy Toolbox. All Rights Reserved.  All Amazon links are affiliate links and may result in my receiving a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.