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Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2010 – Literacy Games and Activities

December 2, 2010

With Thanksgiving behind us, and the holiday season in full swing, I thought I would share a few of my choices for literacy related gifts this year.  Every year, my children receive a pile of books on Christmas morning.  But, I also try to find literacy related games and activities that they can engage in throughout the year as well.  Here are a few of my choices for 2010:

  1. Fairytale Spinner Game – For ages 5 and up – This game is a product of eeBoo.  In last year’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide, I mentioned Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix-Up (actually, it was Mystery in the Forest, but the same idea) made by the same company.  This company is awesome!  As a disclaimer, I have no connection with eeBoo whatsoever.  As a parent, I love their products.  They are educational and fun!  The Fairy Tale Spinner Game is a great little game for two to four players who can spin for a hero, treasure, rival, transportation, helper, magical object, or setting.  The person who collects them all first uses all of the elements to create their own fairy tale!
  2. The Storybook GameRecommended for ages 4 and up – I have had this game, packaged in a cute little metal lunchbox, in my “mom bag” for several years.  It’s a great little game to have on hand when you must wait somewhere.  Children choose cards, made up of objects and characters, and create their own story.  Though similar to Tell Me a Story Cards, the illustrations are bit more childlike and less fantastical.  When my daughter was three, she was able to take these cards and create simple stories from them with a friend.
  3. Little LibrarianAges 3 and up (my recommendation) – I first read about this product on The Reading Tub.  What a super, fantastic idea!  With this kit, your child has all of the materials necessary to transform their own book collection into a library.  Children can practice organizing, sharing, borrowing, and learning.  While, I don’t actually have this product (yet!), those of you who have read my home library post will probably understand why and how this will be so useful to us!  My children will find this under the tree on Christmas morning and will be able to get started on organizing our home library! Not only is this a fantastic way for children to pretend play at home, but I think it may also be useful in preschools and elementary schools.
  4. This is Me: A Kids First Keepsake Journal Recommended for ages 3-8 – This is Me: A Kid’s First Keepsake Journal was created by a mother (of 4, including a brand new bundle of joy born just last week!), Carrie Lundell, looking for just the right journal for her young daughter.  When she couldn’t find one, she created one herself.  Meant to be completed in one calendar year, Lundell provides plenty of prompts to help your pre-writer (let them dictate to you) or young writer to get started, as well as plenty of free space for your child’s own thoughts.  She also provides lots of space for photographs or drawings as well as a parent’s guide on how to use the journal.   She has thought of everything!  When all is said and done, you (and your child!) will have a beautiful memento of one year in their life.  You can find Carrie on Twitter.

I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions for great literacy related games, toys, or activities.  What do you or your kids love?

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