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Reading Resources for Parents: Blogs

June 3, 2010

This month I plan to post resources to help parents as they try to raise a reader.  Perhaps through the resources I share, you’ll find something to help you engage your child in reading over the summer (and beyond!).  A few web-based resources for your perusal today:     

PBS Booklights Inspire a love for reading in your child with help from children’s book experts!

Jen Robinson’s Book Page Jen, a lifelong reader, recently became a first time mother!  Yay, Jen!  She has promoted the love of books by children and the continued love of children’s books by adults for many years now.  She is a “go-to” person in the field of children’s literature and she is now happily raising her own little bookworm!

The Book Chook Susan Stephenson is an Australian teacher, author, and editor who is passionate about children’s literacy.  She offers book reviews and tips for parents on her blog.  She is also the editor of Literacy Lava, a free PDF for parents that offers tips and literacy activities to share with kids!

Teach Mama Amy, founder of Teach Mama, is a reading specialist who sneaks learning into her children’s every day.  On her blog, she shares all of her tips and tools so that you may sneak learning into your child’s day as well!

We Teach Ning Amy also created this awesome resource for parents and teachers.  Here is a forum for parents and teachers to come together to share all the ways we teach and learn with our children.  There are currently 27 groups geared towards all the ways we can engage children in learning.  Check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.  Chances are if you have a question about something related to your child’s learning, a We Teach member can help!

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