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Tips to Increase Family Literacy

November 2, 2010

November is National Family Literacy Month.  This month I will post online and real world resources related to family literacy.

What Can Families Do Together To Promote Literacy?

  1. The number one thing, in my opinion, that families can do together to promote literacy is to read aloud.   Consider hosting a family reading night once a week.  Each week rotate family members to choose a book to read aloud.  If you have children who aren’t of reading age, allow them to pick out the book and have a reading family member read it aloud.  Make it an event! Make snacks, create crafts, or make a game up related to the book.  Need some inspiration?  Check out: Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read by Diane Frankenstein.
  2. Make Reading Interactive!  Choose books based on your child’s interests.  Mix fiction and informational reading together.  Check your local library.  Libraries often have pre-created sets of books based on a specific topic ready for check-out.  After reading books based on the topic, find a family friendly field trip related to the topic.  Read how to motivate readers with real world activities, motivate readers with musicals, or make cultural arts connections.
  3. Make writing part of your family interactions.  Give your family the write start with tips for incorporating writing into your family, or learn about authentic family writing experiences.
  4. Play literacy games with your family.  Turn story time into game time, by reading about how to play with stories.
  5. Make regular family outings to the library, book store, or yard/garage sales to find new books.  Libraries and book stores often showcase new books each month based on seasons, holidays, special events, etc.  Both also often provide story times for young children and special events.  Often you can find special treasures at sales. . . if you really look.
  6. Pay it forward!   As a family, donate books you don’t read anymore to local hospitals, homeless shelters, etc.  Volunteer your time to read to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Nothing beats sharing a love of literacy as a family than sharing it with those who can use a little extra attention.  So as the holiday season approaches, consider reading aloud holiday books at your local children’s hospital or nursing home.

Additional Resource:

The Idaho Library system just released a Reading Aloud to Your Children handout in conjunction with the upcoming celebration of Idaho Family Reading Week, November 14-20, 2010.

What ways do you promote literacy as a family? I’d love to hear how other families incorporate literacy into their lives.

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