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My Go-To Online Literacy Resources

November 16, 2010

November is National Family Literacy Month.  This month I will post online and real world resources related to family literacy.

In this technological age, it is so easy to find information in the matter of seconds.  But, how do you know what information is relevant or correct?  These are a few of my go-to online literacy resources:

PBS Parents – Tons of articles and ideas on how to create a literate environment for your children.  In addition, they also offer a “Bookfinder” which allows you to type in your child’s age and interests and they will locate books for you!

Read, Write, Think – This is a joint effort between the International Reading Association and The National Council for Teachers of English.  This site has a plethora of lesson ideas and activities to complete with your child.  Great stuff!

Reading Rockets – Authors, experts, videos, podcasts, helping struggling readers, and providing that motivation for a child who already loves reading. . . this site has it all!

Thinkfinity – This site provides thousands of free lesson plans you can try at home with your child.  Through Thinkfinity’s support, The National Center for Family Literacy just launched Wonderopolis™ which is “for parents and children to nurture a sense of wonder and build a brighter world for children through the power of discovery, creativity, learning and imagination.” Each day families can visit the site for a “wonder of the day” – an activity that parents and children can do together that encourages wondering, exploring, discussion, and reflection.

What online resources do you frequent regularly?  Why do you like them?

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