Our Flat Stanley Adventure Exchange

Our Flat Stanley Adventure Exchange has come to an end.  For the past several weeks, we were host to a visiting Flat Stanley.  My son and I enjoyed reading the original Flat Stanley book, and have many more in the Adventure series to read.  We exchanged Flat Stanleys with a boy in Georgia.  His Flat Stanley went to school and karate with my son.  He also played football with us and the Wii.  Oh, and he read along with us as we read about the original Flat Stanley’s adventures.  We had a blast with this activity and want to thank Trina from Book Loving Boys for putting this together to begin with!

Check out our adventures below:

Flat Stanley goes to school

Flat Stanley goes to karate

Flat Stanley plays football

Flat Stanley plays the wii

Flat Stanley reads Flat Stanley

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2 Responses to “Our Flat Stanley Adventure Exchange”

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