Chris Singer of Book Dads: Every Story is a Teacher

I have written many posts from the viewpoint of a mother, but a father, or male role model, is just as important in the literacy lives of our children.  Today, I welcome my friend Chris Singer of Book Dads as a guest.  He has built Book Dads into an  incredible blog, most importantly, showcasing fathers as they promote literacy in the lives of their children. Today, he shares his experience as a child and how books were his savior.

I’m not sure there’s anything more powerful in the human experience than the power of story. Stories teach so much to us. A story can teach us to have empathy for others, can show us perspectives in the world we may never encounter personally and can teach us ways to get through tough times. These reasons are partly why I’m such an advocate for reading to and sharing the power of story with children.

I know what books and stories did for me personally as a child. To be completely honest, reading books probably saved my life. As a child growing up in an abusive household, I was basically trapped. I had no autonomy, no control over the situation I was in. Books were my savior though. They helped me escape from the pain of the everyday world around me. When things got really bad, I hibernated in my bedroom reading book after book. It was the only time I was left alone and truly safe. No one bothered me when I was reading so books became my refuge. Reading books also gave me the hope that some day things will get better.
As an adult, stories still impact my life in huge ways. I have found the power of story to be a blessing personally, and a reminder of the strength of the human spirit. I have met people with their own stories of abuse and neglect. I have read and heard stories about the resiliency of those who have overcome so many challenges I can not even imagine. Hearing these stories was sometimes the exact kind of wake-up call I needed to be the kind of change I wanted to see in the world. In this way, I have learned to look forward instead of backward. Story continues to be a source of strength for me and for this, I am beyond thankful.

Chris Singer is the editor of Book Dads, a site originally formed to highlight and review books showing fatherhood in a positive light. Since taking over last April, Chris has expanded the mission of Book Dads to also help promote children’s literacy by reviewing books dads can share with their children. You can followChris on Twitter at @book_dads and Facebook


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2 Responses to “Chris Singer of Book Dads: Every Story is a Teacher”

  1. Eric - Happy Birthday Author Says:

    Book Dads is a wonderful website. I recommend following Chris through Twitter. He is very active and on top of everything that is happening in the kids lit world.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

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