Literacy Resolution #6: Take Time to Write More

Happy New Year!  I have decided that I’m going to do my best to make 2011 my best year yet, personally and professionally.  I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions, but in the spirit of this New Year, I have decided to make some literacy resolutions.  I will share these resolutions with you over the course of the next month.

Resolution #6  Make Time to Write More

Back in September, I had the pleasure of seeing my first book published.  Teaching Comprehension With Nonfiction Read Alouds: 12 Lessons for Using Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Nonfiction Texts to Build Key Comprehension Skills was a true pleasure to write and for all intents and purposes is my third baby.  I did not realize how much I actually enjoyed writing until I had a purpose.  All writers need purpose – this is a true lesson to take back to the classroom – write with a purpose.  Unfortunately, I have not had much time to write lately.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head as well as written down in my “digital” writer’s notebook, otherwise known as my phone!

My 6th literacy resolution for this year is to write more.  Not my normal day-to-day writing of lists and other necessary writing, but to write to share literacy strategies and ideas with you all.

My problem is reorganizing my time to take time to write.  I read a fabulous blog post by Kate Messner, author of The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. and Sugar and Ice, a while back.  I have scoured her blog to find the specific post, but have been unable to locate it.  I loved that post because she broke down her day and explained how she finds/makes time to write and balance her family life and professional life.  In short, she basically said that if it’s important to you, you make time to write.  Same idea Donalyn Miller stated in regards to reading in her book, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child.  However, neither of them write/read at the sacrifice of time with their family or their work.

So, if writing is important to me (which it is!) then I shall work to reorganize my time and make time to write this year without sacrificing time with my family or for my work.

Will you join me?  What are some literacy resolutions you have made this year?

Addendum: Thank you to Kate Messner for stopping by Literacy Toolbox and providing the correct link to the blog post I was looking for.  She posted it in the comments, but here is a direct link to her guest post on Lesley Says.

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3 Responses to “Literacy Resolution #6: Take Time to Write More”

  1. Kate Messner Says:

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog post…which wasn’t actually on my blog, but a guest post on someone else’s. Here it is in case you’re still looking! 🙂

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    […] Literacy Resolution #6: Take Time to Write More […]

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