Best of 2010: A Year in Review on Literacy Toolbox

I’ve never written a best of post before.  As my readership has increased over the year, I feel that I certainly have something important to share with parents and educators out there.  So, I decided to go through the year at Literacy Toolbox and pick out my best posts.  This is completely subjective. . . these are posts that were important to me in some way.

Ten Tips for Reading Aloud with Your Preschooler

Read Alouds are so important!  Read how to read aloud with your preschooler.

Interactive Informational Read Alouds with Preschoolers

Nonfiction is an often neglected genre when it comes to reading with preschoolers.  Read how I used an interactive informational read aloud with my preschooler.

Give Your Family the Write Start

Read for tips for incorporating writing into the fabric of your family.

Setting Up a Home Library

Research has shown how important it is for children to have access to books.  Read how to set up a home library for your young child.

Book Buddies: Pairing Fiction and Informational Text to Motivate Readers

One way to motivate readers – match fiction and informational texts on the same topic.

Five Ways to Motivate Readers

Read for additional ways to motivate readers

Creating Bookworms: Connecting to Your Childhood

Read one of my favorite posts, using books from my childhood to connect with my son.

Tips for Starting a Father/Son Book Club

Research has shown that boys need male role models in reading.  Here are some tips for starting a father/son book club.

Spotlight On: Literacy Organizations

I’m so excited to share three literacy organizations on my blog during the month of December.  Read about them here!

And that is The Best of 2010.  I hope to make 2011 even better!  I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!  May you have health, happiness, and success in 2011!

Happy Reading,


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One Response to “Best of 2010: A Year in Review on Literacy Toolbox”

  1. @Book_Dads Says:

    Your site is such an incredible resource! Thanks for all that you do to promote literacy!

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