“We-View” Wednesday – The Butt Book

Welcome back to “We-View” Wednesday!  After months off, I’ve decided to bring back this feature.  My son is in second grade and is a fluent reader now.  We still read together daily and I thought it would benefit him to summarize (sometimes orally, sometimes written) books that we read.   At the same time you all will become familiar with books kids his age may like to read.   I hope you will join us!  Click here to read about the original intent of “We-View” Wednesday.

A few changes:

  • This will become a monthly feature instead of a weekly feature.  I will post “we-views” on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • I’m still learning different aspects to blogging and trying to become familiar with linky features.  I may eventually make this a linky, but for now, if you would like to join this feature, please email me at  dlittle {at} linkstoliteracy {dot} com by the Sunday before the third Wednesday of the month with your “we-view”.  I would love to be able to post multiple book “we-views” of different aged children.  Please make sure to include your blog address so that others can check you out, too!

Here is our latest “we-view”

The Butt Book by Artie Bennett

Last month I wrote a post about letting boys read whatever interests them.  I stand by that, and this book is a perfect example of reaching boys – though girls enjoy it too!  With its great rhymes and descriptive pictures, the reader learns all about butts.  It’s a fun read.   I would recommend this book for kids ages 4-7.  My son read it to me and then gave me this summary:

The Butt Book is very funny!  The book teaches me about butts.  My favorite quote is, “Why do we have butts? Perchance a place to place our underpants?” I like it because the author made me say underpants!

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book from the author. 

©2010 by Dawn Little for Literacy Toolbox. All Rights Reserved.  All Amazon links are affiliate links and may result in my receiving a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you.


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3 Responses to ““We-View” Wednesday – The Butt Book”

  1. Chris (@Book_Dads) Says:

    I just saw Melissa at Imagination Soup was giving this book away. Looks very funny. I think letting boys read whatever they are interested in reading is a good way to go. It’s tough though I must imagine. I just reviewed Dav Pilkey’s latest Ook and Gluk, and I was torn because of the purposeful misspellings and some of the language used. I’d hate to censor what my kids would want to read, but I’d definitely have to engage my daughter in conversation about some of these books.

    • Links to Literacy Says:

      You are right, Chris. It is tough. Especially when you are an educator as well. Allowing your son to read books like Ook and Gluk or The Butt Book, can be tough. But, my son is in second grade this year, and already is starting to show the stereotypical signs of a reluctant reader. So, I will encourage him to read whatever he wants. But, as you said, I will engage him in conversation. He has read Ook and Gluk (and LOVED it!), but we had to discuss the idea that the purposeful misspellings were part of the author’s craft. I think, as parents, if we take the time to have conversations with our young children about language and content of texts, we are empowering them to continue to discuss books and become strategic, thoughtful readers as they grow older.

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