Tool Time Rewind: A Month in Review at Literacy Toolbox

I began this new monthly post, Tool Time Rewind in September, and then completely forgot to recap October’s posts!  So, a few days into November, here is October’s Tool Time Rewind.  I will be back next week with posts related to family literacy!

Boys and Reading: Tips for Making Reading “Boy-Friendly”

The media has put such an emphasis on the differences between boys and girls lately and really, whether there is a discrepancy between the ways boys and girls learn.  Find research based tips to make reading “boy-friendly” in this post.

“How to Raise Boys to Read:” An Educator and Parent Responds

In September, Thomas Spence wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal about boys and books.  In this piece he indicated that boys will become barbaric morons if we allow them to read gross humor books.  This is my response.

Getting Started with a Father/Son Book Club

Did you know that boys need male role models in reading?  Fathers have a great influence over their child’s education and how well they perform.  If a male role model values reading, boys will learn to value reading as well.  With this in mind, consider starting a Father/Son Book Club.

Is There Really a Significant Difference Between Boys and Girls Reading Scores?

Over the last several years media coverage has touched upon boys and reading.  According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), an assessment given to random students nationally every two years, fourth grade girls continue to outscore boys in reading; however, if you look at the data provided by The Nation’s Report Card, the difference is minimal.

Using Technology to Entice Boys to Read

Historically, science and math have always interested boys.  Now we have technology which is a newer form of science and math is used to create it.  Hmm.  Sounds right up a boy’s alley if you ask me.  So how can we harness technology and use it in a way that entices our boys to read instead of stopping them from reading altogether?  Consider video games and digital storytelling as two options.

And that is Tool Time Rewind for the month of October.

This month’s theme is “Family Literacy.”  Next week, you’ll find real world and online resources to encourage and increase family literacy.

And don’t forget: ”We-View” Wednesday is back! The third Wednesday of every month is reserved for reviews of books you read with your children.  Share yours and your child’s thoughts on the book!  To participate, please email me [dlittle [at] linkstoliteracy [dot] com] your review by the Sunday prior.  I hope you will join us!


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