“We-View” Wednesday is Back!

Welcome back to “We-View” Wednesday!  After months off, I’ve decided to bring back this feature.  My son is in second grade and is a fluent reader now.  We still read together daily and I thought it would benefit him to summarize (sometimes orally, sometimes written) books that we read.   At the same time you all will become familiar with books kids his age may like to read.   I hope you will join us!  Click here to read about the original intent of “We-View” Wednesday.

A few changes:

  • This will become a monthly feature instead of a weekly feature.  I will post “we-views” on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • I’m still learning different aspects to blogging and trying to become familiar with linky features.  I may eventually make this a linky, but for now, if you would like to join this feature, please email me at  dlittle {at} linkstoliteracy {dot} com by the Sunday before the third Wednesday of the month with your “we-view”.  I would love to be able to post multiple book “we-views” of different aged children.  Please make sure to include your blog address so that others can check you out, too!

Here is our latest “we-view”:

Buzz Boy And Fly Guy

The Fly Guy series by Tedd Arnold is a popular series in this house.  The books revolve around a boy named Buzz and his pet fly, Fly Guy.  The books are short and fun!  These are perfect books for your beginning reader, especially if you may have a reluctant boy reader.  Buzz Boy and Fly Guy is the most recent in the series.  My son read it to me and then gave me this summary:

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy is a book about a boy and his pet fly.  Buzz made a book and they are the heroes.  In the book, pirates take their house to a dragon’s cave.  Buzz Boy saves the day.  This is a funny book.

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