Motivating Readers: Book Trailers, Book Talks, and Speed Dating. . . a Book

This month on Literacy Toolbox, I will share ways parents and educators can motivate children to become readers and writers.  This is especially necessary at the beginning of the school year when teachers are building their classroom communities.

Book Trailers are like movie trailers, but, wait for it, are you ready for this?  Books!  Book trailers are a fantastic way to motivate readers to read books.  YouTube has a lot of book trailers that you can watch with your child to learn more about a book he/she may want to read.  One particular channel I like is RandomBooks.  This channel offers book trailers, author interviews, animated features, and other book-related videos.  It’s a fantastic place to begin if you are looking for ways to motivate your child to read.  Classroom teachers (and even parents), consider having your children make their own book trailers of favorite books!

Book Talks are a less technological version of a Book Trailer.  Book Talks are an opportunity to “talk up” a book.  Of course, you should be familiar with it already (so read it before hand), but talk up funny points or memorable events.  Read just enough to entice the prospective reader.  Leave him/her hanging on the edge of his/her seat. . .

And finally, speed dating?  With a book?  What exactly is this?  Choose five different books for your child.  Consider choosing books from various genres.  Provide your child with one book at a time.  Depending on your child’s age, provide one minute (approximately ages 8 and up) to a minute and a half (approximately ages 5-7) for your child to read a part of the chosen book.  He can pick anywhere within the book to read.  Use a timer to time your child.  After reading each book, provide your child a quick opportunity to jot down a few thoughts about the book (what was liked/disliked, surprised him, made him laugh, provided information he may want to learn more about, etc.).  After all five books have been reviewed, ask your child which one stands out as one he may like to read.

Do you have innovative ways to motivate kids (specifically reluctant readers) to read?  I would love to hear them!

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3 Responses to “Motivating Readers: Book Trailers, Book Talks, and Speed Dating. . . a Book”

  1. Julie Niles Petersen Says:

    Thanks, Dawn! After I subscribed to RandomBooks’ YouTube channel, it suggested a couple of other related channels: Penguin Young Readers and Little Brown Books. I subscribed to them, too. Then I thought, what about Scholastic? I knew they had a lot of booktalks on their website, but I hadn’t searched for them on YouTube. Sure enough, they have a channel titled “The Scholastic Channel.” I also found a channel called, “booktalks.” I subscribed to that, too.

    Overall, I subscribed to five new channels thanks to you! I can’t wait to find some time to look through them a little more carefully.

    • Links to Literacy Says:

      I’m so glad you found those other channels, Julie! As soon as I have more time, I plan to play around on YouTube and may even begin my own channel. Thanks for sharing the other channels you found!

  2. Lynn Says:

    Hi – I was just curious if you still host ‘we-view’? I just recently saw mention of it on We Teach, and I was planning to post something tomorrow that would be linkable. 🙂

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