Motivating Reluctant Readers with Informational Texts

When asked what motivates them to read expository (nonfiction) text, children placed emphasis on three areas:  knowledge gained, personal interests, and choice (Edmunds and Bauserman, 2006).

Informational texts tend to be a great motivator for reluctant readers for the three reasons found in the study above.  Children gain knowledge when they choose to read about topics that interest them. The following informational texts are great for reluctant readers:


Magazines are great for reluctant readers because they provide short articles that engage readers, but aren’t too long to intimidate readers.  Here are a few I would recommend:

Time for Kids

The children’s edition of Time Magazine, this periodical is bright and colorful and full of engaging current events for children.

National Geographic Kids

The children’s edition of National Geographic, this periodical is also bright and colorful and full of engaging science and social studies topics.

Ranger Rick

Published by the National Wildlife Federation, this periodical provides informative articles about animals and nature.

Sports Illustrated Kids (1-year)

The children’s edition of Sports Illustrated, this periodical is perfect for the sports lover in your life!

Trade Books

Often short texts that concentrate on one topic.  Historically based picture books are great motivating informational texts for reluctant readers.

Jean Fritz books (great for older readers who want to learn about the period of The Revolutionary War)

Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Picture Books

Henry’s Freedom Box (Caldecott Honor Book)

A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus (Picture Book Biography)

Resource:  Edmunds, K.M., & Bauserman, K.L. (2006, February). What Teachers Can Learn About Reading Motivation Through Conversations With Children. The Reading Teacher, 59(5), 414–424

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