Literacy Activities for Fathers and Sons

Did You Know?

  • Boys need male role models in reading.
  • Dads have a major influence over their child’s education and how well they perform.
  • If male role models value reading, boys will learn to value reading as well.

So What Can Fathers Do?

  • Read with your son as often as possible.  Consider reading Father and Son Read-Aloud Stories, a collection of fairy tales refashioned for a boy’s imagination.
  • Make literacy activities interactive:
  1. Play games – spell words when playing basketball – Horse style
  • Make up rhymes together
  • Act out stories you read together
  • Research a specific topic your child has an interest in, read books about that topic, read information online about the topic — together
  • Read online material together
  • Create friendly spelling competitions for your child
  • Encourage a subscription to a magazine:  Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic for Kids, Your Big Backyard, or Ranger Rick.  Read it together.
  • Read the newspaper (or online news) with your son.  Discuss current events.
  • Read graphic novels or comic books.  Then create your own.
  • Choose a topic and create a pop-up book
  • Use music and lyrics to help your son remember important spelling words and/or vocabulary
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for your son to discuss his reading with you.  If it helps him, allow him to graphically display his thinking about a book.  This will guide him to a deeper understanding of the text.
  • Keep a father/son journal.  Write notes back and forth to each other – about your day, books you’ve read, favorite activities to do together, etc.

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2 Responses to “Literacy Activities for Fathers and Sons”

  1. Beth Zemble Says:

    Love the idea of incorporating language arts and literacy into active games like basketball!

  2. Tips for Starting a Father/Son Book Club « Literacy Toolbox Says:

    […] you know that boys need male role models in reading?  Fathers have a great influence over their child’s education and how well they perform.  If a […]

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