Big Universe – Read, Create, and Share Children’s Books Online

Are you looking for an interactive website that will entertain and educate your child?  Big Universe is a fantastic website that offers books online for your child’s reading pleasure.  Children can read, create and publish their own books, or share books online.  For the low price of $9.95 a month, your family can subscribe to this website and gain access to over 1,000 books.

I, personally, am not prepared to give up the traditional paper book reading experience for the new reading technology that is out there, including reading books online.  However, the book reading experience on Big Universe is set up just like reading an actual paper book.  The pages turn as if you physically turned them yourself.  You can even use the sound effects, which make it sound like the pages are turning.  You can browse the books by grade, subject, reading level, interest, subject categories, or language.  The books are available in 13 languages.  I really love the fact that in addition to plenty of fiction picture books, there is plenty of nonfiction picture books offered as well!

Not only can your child read books online, but he/she can create his/her own books and publish them as well!  How cool is that!  Big Universe provides the reader with tutorial videos to help you or your child understand how to get started creating a book online.  This includes adding illustrations or photographs.  A few ideas: your child can create his or her own original stories, write a sequel to a favorite book, or write an ABC book based on a favorite topic or event.   As a parent, you could create books to teach your child (i.e. learn letter sounds, comparison of two concepts), share and explain family traditions, or a book re-living a family vacation.

Big Universe touches on social media with its sharing process.  Families can create virtual bookshelves and share books they’ve read through these bookshelves.  Families can also recommend books to other members of the site or share their published books.  Of course, families can always opt to keep their information private and only publish on their own homepage.

If you are looking for a way to engage your child in reading and writing, I highly encourage you to check out this website.  Not only does it engage and educate, but it’s fun, too!

If you are interested in how Big Universe may work for teachers, check out my post at Picture This!  Teaching with Picture Books.

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